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We are a 60 place Day Care Nursery open 52 weeks per year. Our opening times are 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday.
The Nursery is ideally located for commuters as we are within walking distance to Bromley South, Bromley North and Bickley train stations.
Our primary goal is to ensure that we provide the highest quality childcare that is both accessible and affordable. Our experienced and qualified staff provide a safe, secure and stimulating environment for the children.
We also benefit from a large indoor playroom, music area and secure outdoor garden for the children to access throughout the day. The children are also encouraged to learn basic sign language.



Ages 0-2

The first 2 yrs of a child’s life are critical for the development of the brain and language. During this period a child’s life experience plays a fundamental role in the ‘hard-wiring’ of the brain, laying down the foundations for the development of intellect and emotion to follow.

Ages 2-3

Our toddler room is bright and spacious and is designed to encourage your child’s confidence, independence and increasing mobility.

Ages 3-4

Our pre-school room is designed to encourage and support all areas of learning and play. The room layout, play areas, resources and activities ensure that children have continuous access to whatever they need to support and extend their learning experience.

All Ages

Sensory soft play is very popular with children. It provides a safe and fun environment for them to explore and develop their skills. It allows young children to interact and develop essential life skills.





For full information on fees and funding available please contact Rachel Harris, Manager.

Our fees are payable in advance by cash, cheque or standing order. We also accept childcare vouchers.
Children over 3 are entitled to the Nursery Education Funding in accordance with the guidelines set by the London Borough of Bromley.
For more information, contact us.


Our Staff

High-Heel Girl's Sandals


High-Heel Girl's Sandals
Holly Argent

Trainee Deputy Manager

High-Heel Girl's Sandals
Lauren Tyrell
High-Heel Girl's Sandals
Kerry Lee
High-Heel Girl's Sandals
Elysse Maher
High-Heel Girl's Sandals
Macy Clark
High-Heel Girl's Sandals
Jada-Lee Brown
High-Heel Girl's Sandals
Shirley Goldwater


Image Reviews

"I couldn't be happier with the nursery and what they are doing. Was definitely the best choice for us! Thank you team."

Stevie Gill

"Since my child Lottie has come to petit Pembrokes nursery she has thrived in all areas and has become close with her carers that are now a part of her everyday life."

Suna Mehmet

"My two girls started going to this club before and after school and they love spending time there. They like the food, the other children and the staff. Always smiling and helpful. Thank you."

Julia S


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Contact Us

26 Pembroke Road
Phone: 0208 460 6260